You’ll Never Forget Me

It’s good to see that even though you all are so far, far away, I’ve made a difference in all your lives. It seems like everyone’s time with me is so short. Before I know it, everyone is gone. That means I must make my impression very quickly. The reason I’m here, I knew it all along. Nobody wanted to believe me, but I know the reason I’m here is to make an impact on everyone’s lives. They’ll think back, remember me, and silently thank me. They’ll never be able to forget me. What makes it sad for me is that I never get to enjoy the end products. They come out brand new and then they’re gone. Oh what a sad life it is, to see all your efforts fade away from you. So why even bother to do this? Because I know they’ll never forget me. They’ll all remember my name and my face will be plastered into their memories.


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