Writing Drill 2

You won’t admit that it upset you

Till you’re in tears

You won’t admit that it shook you

Till you’re shaking

You won’t admit that it defeated you

Till you’ve accepted defeat

Why do you have so much pride

It doesn’t get you anywhere

Because now that it’s over

When you talk about it

It still makes you cry

It still makes you quiver

You’re weak

Just accept that you’re weak

You’ve been defeated

Stop acting like you don’t care

I never cared

You always cared

You just didn’t want to care

It’s too late

You care

And the only way to deal with this

Is to admit it

Just admit it

You felt so overwhelmed by it all

Couldn’t even believe it

You’ve been turned ice cold

Numb to everything

Everything is so numbing

Thought this was a sign of strength

But you were wrong

It’s only a sign of weakness

You always cared

You always will care

Even if it’s irrelevant

You’ll always care

Because it’ll forever haunt you

It’ll always bother you even if you don’t want it to

Be strong and admit it


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