Chicken Nuggets (Poem)

It began with a little chicken

When it decided to hatch

Poor little bird was unaware

Destined to be the next batch

Put on death row

About to become food

There was no saving it

This chicken was screwed

It said its prayers

Then went through a shredder

Mashed up bones

This doesn’t get better

Mixed with special spices

Came off the conveyor belt

Shoved in a cold freezer

Who cared about how the chicken felt

So remember one thing

The next time it’s on your plate

There once was a creature

That met a terrible fate


2 thoughts on “Chicken Nuggets (Poem)

  1. Don’t look at it as a chicken went through something bad. Instead, think of the countless worms and insects that were saved from that ravenous raptor. With every bite of golden fried chicken goodness, you are doing your small part to bring them safety and hope.

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