Poison (Poem)

Lying stagnant on my bed

On a late summer night

Wrap my hands around my head

Holding everything in is a fight

Feeling sweat roll down my face

And mix with slow salt tears

Thoughts flying at a rapid pace

Straight through my head like spears

Mayday mayday mayday

I’m about to snap

Watch the memories play

From the blood stained trap

I feel something deep

Beneath begin to boil

It slowly starts to seep

Through my body like oil

It’s moving up my throat

Can’t seem to keep it down

Air stopped by the bloat

And I am doomed to drown

I can’t help but feel it

Start to foam and bubble

Coming up like spit

This can only mean trouble

It has an awful taste

As it curves around my lips

Thick like a purple paste

It slowly drip, drip, drips

Drips now a slow thick pour

A deep toxic purple stain

Impossible to ignore

As it falls like purple rain

Its scent hits my nose

And smells like dirty metal

I reach for that single rose

On my bed and pluck a petal

Holding it by the tip

And aiming for the ink

The petal takes a tiny dip

But suddenly starts to sink

How did I never know

That this was always in me

Toxic in a constant flow

A thick eternal sea

Is this what gives me power

With beauty and grace

An elegant little purple flower

In a poison filled vase

Full of mischief and spunk

I’ll pour them glasses of wine

Until I get them drunk

On my newfound purple lifeline

Us being all alone

We’re heating up in lust

The room fills with an echoing moan

As we’re about to bust

Can’t resist to share a kiss

I feel it through my skin

While we’re in total bliss

Poison trickles down my chin

I look at them and stare

As I felt it on their tongue

How I’ve caught them in my snare

While the night is still young

I watch them leak scarlet

Flowing out of their eye

I’m the beast riding harlot

Who laughs at how they die


But I stop.

Take a look around.

Poison falling, drip drop

I am not bound

By anything they say

By anything they do

I don’t have to play

It’s not like they knew

And they still don’t know

Not even my name

So I’ll continue to grow

While they put me in shame

I cannot be compared

And they cannot choose

When they’ll make me scared

And when I’ll get the blues

I don’t belong to them

Like a porcelain doll

They tear me by the hem

And throw me to the wall

They’ll hold me by strings

Turn me into their slave

Force me to do things

And tell me to behave

So what’s this purple stain

Gushing from my lips

An illusion planted in my brain

My life planned by their scripts

This poison isn’t mine

It was theirs all along

It’s only part of their design

But it’s just all wrong

I’ve let them have their way

Doing as they please

But today is the day

I’m cured of their disease

All I had to do was change

In order to find the cure

They tried to disarrange,

Put my life on a detour

Weighed me down by a ton

But now I can float

Their reign of terror is done

As I’ve found the antidote

I feel like I can soar

With a new set of wings

Won’t be trapped anymore

As I’ve cut my strings

Finally free of their chains

Time for a brand new start

No more poison in my veins

No more poison in my heart

Finally have my own mind

No longer living in fear

My thoughts no longer confined

My happiness is sincere

Now I can finally sleep

Have a sugar-coated dream

I’ll no longer weep

From poison in my bloodstream

The poison’s all gone

And so is my despair

End of this phenomenon

Of a living nightmare

Sitting on my bed

The future looks bright

I slowly lower my head

And softly whisper good night


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